Nantucket Basket Farnum Handbag    
Nantucket Basket Farnum Handbag
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  Scrimshaw Artwork
The superb quality of our scrimshaw artwork is what distinguishes the Farnum bag.

Our commitment to preserving earth's threatened species led to the development of Ivoryite - a synthetic substance which replicates the look and feel of genuine ivory.

Every plaque is individually designed and hand-crafted. Each is a unique and original creation - no two are exactly alike. You can select from many different themes: nautical scenes, ducks, wildlife, and more.

We also have a selection of Ivoryite carved figures from which to choose. These figures will add a classic look and uniqueness to your bag.

Whichever you choose, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your scrimshaw art will be the very best available.
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Farnum Handbag Farnum Handbag
Farnum Handbag Farnum Handbag

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